How to Install Viper4Android FX On Your Phone {Tutorial}

By | September 5, 2018

Viper4Android is an audio driver by vipers for an Android operating system. Viper4Android has two versions FX and XHiFi. This guide can help you to install Viper4Android in your devices. All android devices support Viper4Android. It is completely braced by all android versions without any difficulty.

Viper4Android provide protection to the user’s ears. Other apps after hearing hours of music the ears start to pain. But unlike, other apps Viper4 android has technologies which don’t affect our device in any way but amplifies good, clear and pure sound.

Tutorial On Installing & Using Viper4Android FX

Viper4Android FX

Viper4Android FX

Benefits of using viper

  • The Viper4Android sound technology will not damage your ear when listening to hours of music
  • Even If the user has faulty earphones by its feature speaker optimization you can hear good sound
  • You can hear music without any disruptions. You can always use Viper for clean and lossless music.
  • Viper gives you the experience to hear soothing sounds. And maintains the audio quality.


Features of viper4android

Viper4Android has a prodigious feature which will amaze its users such as:

• AnalogX

AnalogX is an exclusive amplifier. The user will experience the sound amplified by AnalogX. This is one of the preeminent features of Viper4Android.

• Viper DDC

With the help of Viper4Android, the handler can hear exceptional sound form this Viper DDC. The sound quality is Topnotch.

• Spectrum extension

With is feature the user can hear music in great frequencies.

X86 platform supports

This feature will support all X86 devices. The X86 platform can also support Atom I 3, i 5 and I 7 devices.

• USB and dock devices

They can revel in output from USB and dock devices. This is one of the salient features of Viper4Android.

Enhancing speakers

This feature provides remarkable sound quality to its handlers from the device.

Viper controls

There are many controls available in the viper. It has different modes of bass which will allow you to hear quality music. Viper app enhances the audio clarity. You can control the bass with clarity to listen to the good sound. If you prefer to hear music through earphones you can feel the clarity and pleasant vibrations of the music. The sound is very effective on viper app. This is the best sound technology.

Prerequisites to install Viper4android

There are some primary setups to install Viper4Android they are as follows;

• Before the installation of the Viper4Android app, the Android device of the user should be rooted to install the app.

• The handler should install busy box before the installing the Viper4Android app.

• To install busy box the user must download a busy box. After downloading busy box click install busy box. After a few seconds, the app a permission box will pop for root permission. The user can click yes and grant permission.

Now the busy box is successfully installed on the user android device. Now, the following steps will help the user to install Viper4Android in any android devices.

How to install Viper4Android

  1. At first, the user should download Viper4Android from any app store in your android device.
  2. After downloading the app successfully now, click on the install button. This will install Viper4Android in your android device. The handler can open this app from his Android device.
  3. Now, after opening Viper4Android a dialogue box appears. The box shows the update driver to automatically install and updates the app. Click yes and wait for few seconds.
  4. Viper4Android app will ask for root permission. By granting permission the app installs Viper4Android drivers in the system files.
  5. The app is successfully installed. Now, reboot your device for the app to make changes on your Android device.

After the reboot is over you can check the difference in audio output from your device. Some of the users may not be able to successfully download the app. So if there is a problem with downloading it you can always double-check whether the busy box is rooted and installed properly or not. For further details, the user can watch tutorial video’s on the internet by searching: how to install the Viper4Android app on Android devices.

It is easy to download Viper4Android when following the above steps. This app will give the user a splendid experience of audio output. If you love music and want to hear lots of music then try this Viper4Android app. The sound quality is clear and the best.

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